Guest Speaker Peter Nordeen

Peter Nordeen is a builder by vocation – but by avocation, he is a Meher Baba historian, having studied Baba’s life and teachings for over 40 years. Peter was a resident of Meherabad when many of Baba’s old disciples were still alive. From them he had the opportunity to glean many stories of life with the Master. In 2003, Peter wrote and produced the biographical documentary, “GOD IN HUMAN FORM: The Life and Work of Avatar Meher Baba.” A few years later, he produced the music video, “You Alone Exist.”  Peter has written several histories of Meherabad used for historical walking tours and for the Trust website. He recently completed a booklet entitled ‘The Tomb-Shrine of Avatar Meher Baba.’ Peter and wife Debbie continue to stay in Meherabad during the winter, where Peter works on projects in the AMB Trust Archives and also the AMB Trust Publications, as well as helping with historical building preservation. Presently, Peter is working on the Red Oak School building for the Meher Archive Collective in Asheville, NC.

Peter’s wife, Debbie Nordeen, is a choral conductor, arranger, and singer who enjoys leading Baba choruses at Amartithi and Baba’s Birthday in Meherabad during her winters there, and at various events such as the South-East Gathering for Meher Baba, and the Asheville Music Sahavas. Years ago when Peter and she were residents in India, Baba’s sister Mani wrote some songs that she asked Debbie to notate for sharing, and Debbie holds those times with Mani as deep treasures in her life.